Your job is to run your business as efficient as possible.

Worrying about your payment processing should not be on your list of concerns. GrowthComm knows the card processing industry.  This is what we do.

  • With over 50 years of combined credit card processing and POS System experience, we understand the importance of having  someone you can trust to handle such a vital piece of your business.
  • As an unbiased agent, with a vested interest in your success, you can depend on GrowthComm to manage your electronic transactions – and your POS needs in a swiftly changing industry.
  • Offering a true Interchange/Cost Plus pricing model, our promise to our clients is to always be transparent in our pricing.  No tier pricing, no bundling, no rate creep, no smoke and mirrors.

We are confident that your business can reduce operating costs and increase profits with a partnership with GrowthComm Payment Solutions. 

For more information on building a solution for you, contact John Boucher at 1-877-272-9915 or email