Build Your Future with Residual Income!

Transactional Income

Paid a 1 time commission when you sell a product or service. Good, not great.

Residual/Passive Income

Paid every month when you sell a product or service. Awesome!

You can create a RESIDUAL INCOME stream!

  • Lets start making you a MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME – so you have BANK coming in month after month after month.
  • An additional $500, $1000, $2,000, $5,000 a month.  For life of the account.  For real.
  • There are a lot of residual based businesses.  Insurance sales for an example.  Same is true in the payments industry.

Think about this:

Sales Person  #1:  works for a company making $75,000 a year, has a mortgage, car payment, and a couple of kids.  Monthly nut $6K.

One day he sees a nice toy he wants – car, boat, bike you name it.  It’s going to cost him another $500-$1000 a month. Reality strikes – the only way this is going to happen is he either gets a really big raise or he starts saving $200 a month for several years.

Sales Person #2:  He is a SUB AGENT in the credit card processing world. GrowthComm. He has the same expenses as Sales Person #1. His residuals are about $6K a month, some months higher if he sells some terminals etc.  He sees the same toy.  He puts pencil to it.  He realizes that if he adds 8 more accounts a month, moves a few ancillary products, in about a year – BINGO, hello toy store.

Lesson:  When you are salary or hourly your income typically is stagnant or increases in a series of plateaus, often years apart.  Very common.

A merchant Services sales person on the other hand should see more often than not, an ever increasing rise, month after month. And if you don’t, you are in the wrong business. You will always have a chance at getting your new toy IF you are in commissioned sales with recurring or residual income.  Want a raise? Sign another deal……and we’ll help you.

Think of the possibilities!

  • You have relationships.  People who look at you as a trusted adviser.  Maybe it is time to further leverage those relationships or contacts into an additional revenue stream.
  • Why not suggest they take a look at their card processing costs.  You now have a partner who will treat your relationships with courtesy and respect, and maybe help lower their costs.
  • All you need to do is let us know who to contact.  We will engage, do an analysis, and secure the business.  For this, you just added another business in your portfolio, making a nice monthly residual for the life of the account.  Participate as much as you like, or none at all. Nice.


Want to offer your clients a product that will virtually ELIMINATE their monthly credit card fees?


Using credit cards is a convenience used by the card holder. They no longer need to carry a lot of cash.
The problem for the business is – THEY HAVE TO PAY every time they take accept a credit card. It can choke their business.
YOU can help that pain go away. YOU can build your residual quickly. WIN: WIN.

Lets visit and see how this program benefits you and Your Clients TODAY.


Residual Income Card!

Virtually NO extra time is required!

While you visit with your existing customers or contacts, all you need to do is:

  • Inform that you are “working closely with a local card processing Agent who has been able to help a lot of local businesses – and they might be able to do the same for you”
  • Ask if you can have someone call them- we’ll take it from there and include you in the progress if desired.
  • Simple.  Effortless.
  • Now every time your clients accept a credit card transaction – day or night, YOU make money.  Residual Income– like growing your own money tree.

GrowTree 600

As an Agent/Owner with relationships with multiple service providers, we help merchants understand and navigate the credit card processing maze.

Different business’ have different needs. GC is able to offer a non-biased analysis of their clients wants and desires without the multiple layers of a direct sales force needs.  That equates to a better price – and value to our client.

Our Commitment to our clients:

Highly competitive and transparent pricing with full disclosure of fees

No Rate Creep. Margins remain static.

50 years of industry experienced professionals

“Price is what you pay – Value is what you get”……..Warren Buffet


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